That’s it, we have the date of our vacation, and we chose our next destination, but when choosing accommodation, a question comes to mind: should we go for a hotel or an apartment? Perhaps, you are also in the same situation right now. To help you resolve this issue, today we show you the pros of staying in a hotel by comparing it to apartment rental. Thanks to Auberge Le Pomerol Montréal, a wonderful 3-star hotel in Montreal.

Of course, the choice will depend essentially on your needs. But with this information in hand, your choice will become easier, and you will know more quickly what type of accommodation you prefer for this holiday.

These are some advantages of choosing a hotel over a vacation rental

#1: There is absolutely nothing to do

There is nothing better than dedicating the holidays to rest and forget the chores: tidying up, cleaning, dishes, etc. The main advantage of staying in a hotel is to see the room when you arrive, but in an apartment, you are sure going to keep it tidy, all by yourself.

#2: Immediate solutions

Either you need more coverage, or you want to change the pillow, when you are in a hotel, all these disadvantages are quickly solved or at least you can go to the home to complain if something does not suit you.

#3: Room Service is at your disposal

If you want to be taken to dinner without leaving the room, one of the advantages of staying at the hotel is that with a simple phone call, someone will bring you your order. That’s sweet, isn’t it? You can only get that in a hotel anyway.  

#4: Resolved Doubts

At the hotel, they will inform you about how to move around the city, the different transportation options you have; You can also take maps or brochures on the different monuments and tourist attractions. These and many more are what you can get. The receptionists are always there to enlighten you on any questions that may arise.

#5: Hygiene Details

Have you forgotten your shower gel? You did not take towels? No problem! In hotels, there is no need to take sheets, towels or hygiene matters since, generally, it is made available free of charge.

What about a vacation rental?

You have to clean: logically, if you want the independence of a vacation rental, you will not let someone clean so you will have to spend some of your time cleaning and cleaning during the holidays. Nobody likes to live in disorder!

  • You do not know the neighbors: in a hotel, you can complain if other guests make noise, but if it is in a vacation rental, it will be up to you to talk directly with your neighbors.  
  • What should you bring? Each apartment has its own characteristics, but generally, you will need to bring elements that are normally provided in hotels: sheets, towels, etc.
  • Take and return keys: in a hotel, you logically forget about this issue since they take care of the reception to check in and check out quickly.