Philippines are home to the most diverse marine life ecosystem. You can find a lot of mesmerizing Philippine diving sites here. And if you want to have a great and quick escape from the buzzing metro and just a 3-4-hour ride from the airport in Manila, then Subic Bay is your best option. It is one of the famous places up north because of its hidden beauty and azure-blue waters. If you’re planning to visit this place, you need to look for the best Subic beach resort to fully enjoy your vacation.

How to Get There

From the capital city, Manila, you have an option to ride a private vehicle and arrive in Subic in less than 4 hours or simply catch the seaplane that would take you there in an hour or so. If you’re after convenience, you will surely get on with the seaplane. However, if you enjoy long drives and want to discover other places along the road, you can just hire a private car.

What to Expect

Upon visiting Subic Bay, expect to do lots of activities involving nature, like diving, swimming, hiking and sightseeing. If you’re fond of the marine life, this is your chance to see the dive and wreck sites. Find a reliable diving school to get assistance and fully explore the place.

Choosing the Best Subic Beach Resort

Make sure to book an accommodation before you visit Subic, especially during Peak season. There are plenty of options available but if you’re after superior quality rooms, excellent service and convenient location, check out Subic Beach Resorts like the Lighthouse Marina Resort or Mangrove Resort Hotel.

To end up with an accommodation that’s worthy of your money, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Never entertain too good to be true rates

Try to conduct a research to estimate the cost of accommodation per night. Look closely on the location, type of service included and amenities of the beach resort before you pay for anything. Remember, you get what you pay for, so ditch too cheap rooms and choose a more realistic price.

  1. Contact the resort directly

Before wiring money, ensure that you’re dealing with the right people. Scams online are prominent, so make sure to contact the Subic beach resort directly and not a third-party provider. Once everything’s clear, don’t forget to call the official hotline to confirm your booking.

  1. Mind the location

Plan the activities you will try for the trip and make sure to choose a resort that’s not too far from these destinations. This can help you save time on traveling and get access to a private beach.

  1. Check the facilities

To enjoy your vacation, look for a resort with world-class amenities and rooms. It would be nice to have a swimming pool overlooking the beach or a restaurant that offers a variety of cuisine. Rooms must also be clean, organized and have a complete set of toiletries and other appliance.

Make your vacation unforgettable by staying at a luxury accommodation. For more information on the best Subic beach resort, check out our page.

Author: Carrie Sze