The Bahamas is a group of 700 odd islands surrounded on all sides by the Atlantic Ocean is located on the northern side of Cuba and on the eastern fringe of Florida. It is a worldwide tourist destination due to its crystal clear sea and the mind-blowing coral reefs that are in aplenty around in the ocean. There are 16 main islands in the archipelago and a yacht rental Bahamas can be the best way to discover all of them when people visit the place. There are endless opportunities for snorkelling, diving, other water sports, swimming with the manta rays and dolphins. There are some places and areas that can only be accessible through a vessel and we take a look at them over here so that tourists can plan out their journey on a yacht.  

  • Some beaches are worth it:

If you are planning for a Bahamas yacht charter, it can be the ideal way for visiting most of the picturesque beaches of the archipelago. Cable Beach is one of the finest on the island with its breath-taking beauty and people can easily relax at the place. The Treasure Cay Beach also deserves a mention here for all its beauty and grandeur. One can also visit the Eleuthera and the superb Harbour Island and discover the pristine glory of the place. While crossing the mangrove forests, it can be worth a ride on a yacht.

  • A boat charter ride can be very enthralling:

When tourists hire the Bahamas sailing charters, they can discover the tropical climate of the island at its best. During the winters, the mercury rarely falls below 15 degrees Celsius due to the place being near to the Tropic of Cancer and therefore, the climate stays quite pleasant during the period. Therefore, a boat charter ride can be helpful for visiting the enormous Andros Barrier Reef or the black-coral garden of Bimini. From December to April every year, one can always visit the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure, Pro-Am Golf tournaments or the Sailing regattas.

  • Get a crewed catamaran for the Bahamas:

A catamaran has two parallel hulls with spacious cabins and decks. It can easily accommodate 16 passengers in one go and has salons at the same level as the cockpit so that there is ample natural light at all times. It is a fuel-efficient vessel and is ideal for island hopping with family and friends. If a crewed yacht rental Bahamas is chosen, one can get a small crew that can consist of a captain, bartenders, expert chefs, waiters, etc. and take care of a guest’s need suitably. One can enjoy all the beauty of Nassau, Highborn Cay, Allan’s Cay and the South Cay apart from many other places.  

Therefore, we can see that a yacht rental can be the best way of discovering the tranquil beauty of the Bahamas as many places can be visited in sufficient comfort with family or friends.