The hotel’s market in China will be among the most important. The number of passengers is increasing and trying to know the number. They become the most innovative and China’s unfortunate economy, which has created a middle class looking for services to improve the quality of life, which has made an increasing trend for visiting more leisure and holidays in China. Is. In 2010, the percentage of recreational tours increased by 46 percent, which is expected to continue a trend. Under development, demand for travel accommodation with large number of new tourism projects and increasing arrival of industrial and high-tech parks. However, the future of mass rebuilding and citizenship is expected to strengthen the development of the industry in the future.

Luxury hotels will have to focus on user experience to develop an integrated content strategy. According to the market research in China, the hotel industry has increased by 9 percent every year in the last few years. During the last decade, the growing construction and urbanization in the country have helped create more opportunities for the hotel industry.

China Hotel Marketing Classic

Because of its rapid and population growth, China has become an important center for tourism and business. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for hotels and resorts, which offers high-level services of tourists and businesses from different parts of the world. In the last decade, it has led to the rapid growth of hotel bazaar in China. Hotels can be divided into two main types: holiday resorts and business hotels. In major cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other financial and industrial centers in China, high economies of general companies are available with hotels like conference rooms, swimming pools and sports halls. There are a number of luxury hotels in China, including hotel channels such as Shengri-la, Shanghai Jinging International Hotel, Inter Continental Hotel, Guangdong (International) Hotel Management Corporation and Jinan Hotel Corporation. However, according to market research in the market, the market dominates major brands, the small hotel accounts for just 4.3 percent of the market share in the market. In addition, “luxury taste” among Chinese consumers plays an important role in the selection of the hotel.

Ensure your KPIS (key performance indicator)

It is necessary to set goals to reach and know that goal. Once it happens, material marketing is essential for the development. One of the key aspects of content engagement is the first and to address the most important issues and answer customer questions. It needs to understand their beliefs, feelings and needs. Creating a strong picture is essential that customers can be satisfied. For brands it is also necessary to provide high quality insight. Photos and videos that will allow your brand to represent the real luxury. Customers want to see that they have seen when they book an online room. While shooting videos and promoting virtual tours, feature the hotel’s outdoor, public areas, restaurants, meeting rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. The hotel industry is very competitive, and it is necessary to develop a good marketing strategy, and it is necessary for:

A good website (in China)

With more than 660 million Internet users in China, presence of potential Chinese customers online is very important to attract your hotel. And the easiest way to create an online presence is a website. This is not just a website, but it also holds the importance of a major and authoritative website content that will reach Chinese expectations. In fact, 88.9 percent of Chinese Internet users use their mobile phones to access the Internet. Therefore, it is important that a better online customer experience will help to adapt your mobile phone to your website.

A SEO strategy for China ESTABLISH

With an extremely valuable and dedicated web site, it is now important to set up an SEO strategy according to the needs of the audio. Bedo owns 80% of the search engine market in China. SEO optimization for the Budeau is a very different process due to the existence of different algorithms and Chinese government rules.

Booking on the CHINESE platform

The first websites where Chinese luxury hotels want, Ctrip, Cannon and the official hotel’s website. It allows Chinese Prime to get valuable information and direct book on Ctrip. As Ctrip is a major venture in China, it will help your top-end hotel become popular in China.


KOL (Important opinion leader) is known as marketing, it is a powerful source for marketing in China. Ordering many KOLs to reduce thousands of followers on Chinese social media platforms. When KOL shares your hotel / tourist service messages or photos, it has a great impact on the choice of users. In fact, trust the Chinese


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