The Caribbean waters are separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the 60 islands of the British Virgin Islands. The U.S Virgin Islands are the other set of islands that make up the Virgin Islands. With the Virgin Islands chartered yachts, you can make your way to multiple islands. You’ll take in the impressive sites at your own pace with great comfort guaranteed.

Different boats provide varied experiences for visitors of the Virgin Islands. You can opt for the mega yachts, catamarans or the smaller sailing yachts among other options. Here is what you can expect from the Virgin Islands chartered yachts available for the trip.

The large decks on the catamarans provide a thrilling outdoor experience for guests. The two parallel hulls enhance this outdoor space. They are the most popular Virgin Islands chartered yachts given their wide variety. You get to experience all round views of the sites on the islands on a daily basis.  There is no better way to marvel at the green forests and exquisite features on the Virgin Islands than on a catamaran.
Mega Yacht Charters
The mega yacht treatment is a unique experience characterized by state-of-the-art facilities. The crew provides a customized cruise as you get to choose what you would like to have through the trip. Meals and drinks are served according to your preferences. They are also suitable for a family vacation along the Virgin Islands given that the mega yacht charters can accommodate up to 12 guests. The spacious decks and swim platforms enhance the whole voyage.
Sailing Yachts
If you are looking for a traditional experience, then the sailing yachts should serve you well. They have been around since time immemorial. Most of them are now fitted with propellers and motors which come in handy when strong winds rock the sea. They are widely popular for the tranquility offered to passengers who sail on them. You get to enjoy the calming breezes of the ocean and the perfect winds of the Virgin Islands as you take in the glorious views. You could also learn the ropes of sailing on your wind-powered vacation.
Motor Yacht Charters
If you are on a budget, then this is the best option for the most luxurious services. It is also suitable for smaller groups. The power yachts as they are commonly known are available in different styles. You could opt for the express style island hopping yachts or the traditional cruising yachts that are slower for an extensive view of the sea.

The Virgin Islands is not a reserve for only the experienced boaters. First-time visitors can have as much fun as seasoned visitors who always come back for more. The vibrant blue waters and fun-filled activities provide a blend of exhilaration and tranquility for their visitors. With a suitable chartered yacht, you can make the most of the opportunity of a lifetime.